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Compare HughesNet Satellite Internet Plans

Once you have decided that broadband satellite internet is the right fast internet connection for your home or business, you need to give some thought to what your specific needs are. HughesNet offers several different satellite internet service plans as well as a host of optional additions that let you create the ideal internet connection for you.

A single home user may just want faster browsing so would be satisfied with our least expensive plan. A residential user with a large family might be better off opting for a plan with greater bandwidth. Business users have unique needs and we have satellite internet service plans with options such as static IP addresses and service assurance plans to meet their requirements.

Right now hughesNet offers five broadband satellite internet plans that should meet the needs of almost any potential customers.

Basic Power 150 Power 200
Ideal for… Residential Residential Residential
Equipment Provided .74m antenna HN9000 modem .74m antenna HN9000 modem .74m antenna HN9000 modem
Maximum Download Speed 1.0 Mbps 1.5 Mbps 2.0 Mbps
Maximum Upload Speed 200 Kbps 250 Kbps 300 Kbps
Download Threshold 200 MB 425 MB 500 MB
IP Address Dynamic (NAT) Dynamic (NAT) Optional 1 static IP $10/mo Dynamic (NAT) Optional 1 static IP $10/mo
Email Accounts 5 5 10

Basic is the broadband satellite internet plan for casual residential users. Although it is our lowest plan, it still offers speeds over ten times as fast as a 56k dialup connection. Web pages load as fast as you can click on a link and files download in a flash. The plan offers 5 email accounts, meaning that each person in your family can have a separate address so there is no confusion over who gets what message. Even single users can benefit, setting up different email accounts for different purposes such as having a clean address that you give to only friends and family so you won’t get spam and a dirty address that you give you companies who want your email.

Power 150 is a hybrid plan, combining the best aspects of both residential and business satellite internet connections. It is more than twice as fast as the Home plan, allowing massive downloads and operating smoothly even when many people are accessing the connection at the same time. It allows options in demand by business owners such as a static IP address.

Power 200 is one of our dedicated business satellite internet serviceproducts. Of course it offers great download speeds but adds features important to a business connection such as faster upload speeds for sending files to clients or co-workers, up to 10 email addresses so employees can each have their own accounts, and up to 5 static IP addresses for your business network.

Looking at the differences helps you choose the broadband satellite internet connection that is right for you, but there are a lot of great features that all of our plans have such as:

  • Professional installation by a certified and experienced satellite internet service specialist so you can get connected as soon as possible
  • NO equipment leasing fees that cost you far more than buying the equipment outright
  • 2 GB of storage for each email account no matter how many email accounts the plan carries
  • Email filtering to protect your family or business from spam and viruses
  • 24/7 live technical support
  • 24 month broadband satellite internet equipment warranty
  • Your own customized HughesNet start page

We also provide a wide range of optional services so you can customize your satellite internet connection perfectly. These services include:

  • Service Assurance plans for businesses that need even more reliability from their satellite internet service. Available in Basic and Plus, the plans provide even more technical support, including onsite service and replacement of equipment.
  • Dialup access so you can connect to your HughesNet account while traveling
  • Security Suite to protect your broadband satellite internet connection from internet dangers. The suite includes a firewall, an antivirus scanner, and an antispyware scanner.
  • Hosting Plans from blogs to full-blown multimedia websites

We offer two ways to pay your broadband satellite internet activation cost. If you pay up front, you get all the equipment you need with no leasing costs bleeding you dry every month.

If you prefer, we offer promotional pricing that allows you to pay nothing up front on our residential plans (pay only $299.99 up front for our two dedicated business plans) then pay an extra $20/month for the first 24 months. After that, you revert to paying the same monthly fee as everyone else on the same satellite internet service plan. Cable and DSL providers often have you paying equipment leasing fees as long as you are a subscriber, meaning you can end up paying several times what the equipment is worth if you bought it up front!

Act now and get a $100 mail-in broadband satellite internet equipment rebate saving you even more money off our low prices.

Best of all you aren’t limited to certain geographical areas or operating systems like you are with cable and DSL providers. Anyone in the continental United States running Windows or MacOS who has a clear view of the southern sky can use HughesNet satellite internet service.

If you don’t see the plan to meet your needs, contact us about the many optional features available. Odds are we can create the broadband satellite internet plan that meets or exceeds your requirements.

Get away from the slow dialup or restricted cable or DSL connection you are using now. Contact one of our satellite specialists and get your superfast online connection in a matter of days.