Landlines vs No Lines

Unlike DSL, you won't need a landline phone to use satellite internet


Who even has a landline anymore?

A little bit of history

Your copper-wire connection to the internet has seen its final days. No longer does your internet need this century-old technology to connect to the future.

One of the biggest misconceptions about satellite broadband is that home satellites can only receive and not transmit data

In fact, your Viasat satellite dish can easily send your outgoing data 20,000 miles above the earth to the ViaSat satellites. This is a huge win for consumers and a major explanation for the shift to satellite broadband.

What you need to know before trying

There are early termination fees if you elect for the promotional pricing and price-lock and you chose to cancel before the 24-month term. However, these fees are a fraction of your monthly bill and are paid in full upon termination. But we know you'll love the speed, quality and value of Viasat and remain a loyal and happy customer. d

Call know to speak with one of our knowledgable agents about setting up an appointment for Viasat satellite broadband today.

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