What the latest satellite technology means for your internet speeds

With the launch of new satellites, Viasat is able to deliver ultra-fast speeds for consumers on their network.


It used to be that satellite internet was a worst-case scenario for those living far off-the-grid in rural areas. While this may sometimes be the case, urban centers are seeing their residents take a new interest in the rapidly-advancing technology. What might be the reason for this? Well, it doesn't take much thought to realize that massive corporate consolidation among the other high-speed internet-providing companies hasn't been good for consumers. Whether it's AT&T's U-Verse that is only capable of delivering 6mbps speeds or headaches with customer support from Spectrum, the service provided by these monolithic entities has found customers like you searching for a faster, cheaper and better way to get online.

In fact, with speeds up to 100mbps, we are seeing a massive shift towards satellite broadband internet and voice service. Email, phone and streaming content all coming through the sky to wherever you may be.

As Viasat continues to launch new satellites for connecting customers all up and down the Americas to the internet, it now carries a veritable firehose of bandwidth (nearly 300Gbits/s) and the capacity to serve millions more. Now we are seeing frustrated DSL, cable and fiber consumers setting their sights on the sky.

One of the myths associated with satellite broadband is that the distance between the the home satellite and the satellite in space (~36km) created a noticeable latency for satellite broadband users. While this might be true for some high speed gaming experiences, most applications see little to no delay whatsoever.

Now as so many consumers are looking for a viable alternative to the same-old set of internet providers, satellite broadband emerges as a very cost-effective and reliable way to stay connected.

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