How Viasat works

Understanding how your Viasat satellite dish connects you to the Internet

Viasat Dish

You still need a modem, but it sends the signal via satellite instead of ground wires.

Let’s say you’re on your laptop or mobile device and you click on your favorite website.

  • Your request goes to your Viasat modem, then through a short cable to the dish outside your home.
  • Your dish beams your request up to the Viasat satellite.
  • The Viasat satellite sends your request down to a gateway station connected to Viasat's ground network.
  • The station relays your request to your favorite website.
  • The website delivers the information your requested back to the station.
  • The station beams it up to the Viasat satellite to be beamed directly to you.

Satellite internet speeds are growing at an exciting pace. And Viasat is delivering internet content to more homes more quicly than ever before.

In fact, at 100mbps speeds, we are seeing a massive shift towards satellite broadband internet and voice service. Email, phone and streaming content all coming through the sky to wherever in the US you may be.

When Viasat launched its ViaSat II satellite in June of 2017, it was a serious step up in capacity for the Carlsbad, CA-based company. It established a firehose of bandwidth for existing consumers with the capacity to serve millions more.

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